IP Temperature Humidity Sensor

The IP Temperature Humidity Sensor, driven by SHT30 technology, offers a comprehensive solution for accurate temperature and humidity monitoring across a broad range. Effortlessly integrates with popular software such as IFTTT, ZABBIX, PRTG and includes an internal WEB server for data viewing and password-protected configuration. Additionally, it can transmit data to your server through HTTP GET. Supports DHCP/Static IP, provides Min-Max readings and allows Fahrenheit/Celsius selection. A 1m USB power cable is included. The probe cable is 1m non-detachable.


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IP Temperature Humidity Sensor Main features

  • IP TH Sensor uses SHT30
  • Fully calibrated, linearized, and temperature compensated digital output.
  • Range -40°C to 125°C; 0 %RH to 100 %RH
  • Accuracy ±0.3 °C (0°C – 65°C); ±3 %RH (10 %RH – 90 %RH)
  • Woks with IFTTT, ZABBIX, PRTG Network monitor and other software1
  • Complete solution, no need any soldering, or additional parts (except USB power supply)
  • Internal WEB server for viewing and configuration. The configuration is password protected
  • DHCP or Static IP (DHCP by default)
  • Temperature and Humidity Min-Max readings
  • Fahrenheit / Celcius selectable
  • Very easy integrate with other software
  • About 1m probe cable
  • Not related on any external services like Sonoff and can work in local network without an internet.
  • The package includes a 1 m USB cable for powering the device

Options for reading data form IP TH Sensor

Web Page

Enter the IP address of the device into the web browser and you can view the data on the website and configure the device parameters such as IP, password, etc. The web is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.
Demo device online: http://ipthermometer.eu:9999


Retrieve JSON data from http://[device_IP]/prtg to obtain temperature and humidity readings. The information is easily parseable and can be utilized for diverse purposes. PRTG Network Monitor directly supports this JSON format. Demo device online: http://ipthermometer.eu:9999/prtg


Execute a simple HTTP GET request to http://[device_ip]/t for temperature data and http://[device_IP]/h for humidity data. Receive plain values without the need for parsing, ensuring easy integration.
Demo device online:
Temperature output: http://ipthermometer.eu:9999/t
Humidity output: http://ipthermometer.eu:9999/h

Send data to remote server

Data can be sent from device to a remote server by an HTTP GET request. Temperature and humidity are inserted into the request as parameters and data can be sent at intervals you define or when readings exceed the range you specified in the device configuration. IP TH Sensor supports IFTTT service via webhooks, empowering you to automate actions such as sending emails at predetermined intervals or when data reaches specific thresholds. Please note that HTTPS is not supported. For a detailed guide on IFTTT configuration, refer to our video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=gamfDzlGZM4

  1. IP TH sensor is fully compatible with IFTTT, but please note that we cannot guarantee or take responsibility if the service provider decides to change the API or discontinue the service, making the IP TH sensor no longer compatible with IFTTT. As far as we know, IFTTT has no such plans. ↩︎

IP Temperature Humidity Sensor User manual

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