IP Temperature Controller

IP thermometer, IP relay and IP temperature controller 3 IN 1! This device can act as a remote thermometer, a relay and can control the relay by temperature or manually. Simple, easy to use, complete solution. You do not need any soldering or additional parts other than a standard USB power supply (a smartphone charger can be used).

Main features

  • Complete solution, no need any soldering, or additional parts (except power supply)
  • DHCP or Static IP
  • PRTG Network monitor support
  • Temp Min-Max
  • Internal WEB server for viewing and configuration
  • Password protected
  • User can change IP address and password
  • Fahrenheit / Celcius selectable
  • Very easy integrate with other software
  • Temperature range -55°C to +125°C, 0,1°C resolution
  • TCP/IP Protocols supported
  • Simple ASCII output with no conversion
  • About 1m temp probe cable
  • Not related on any external services like Sonoff and can work in local network without an internet.
  • USB powered
  • Relay control manual or automatic by set termerature
  • Relay 10A 250VAC

If an invoice is required, please contact and provide your company details.

IP Temperature Controller 65€, Free International Shipping :

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